Vulnerability In All Ledger Hardware Wallets

 Ledger wallet has found a vulnerability which affects all of its devices and can lead to users losing their funds.

When a users generate an address to receive bitcoins  a “man in the middle” attack can be performed . If the users computer has been infected by malware, the “man in the middle ” attack can secretly replace the code responsible for generating the address, which causes all bitcoins to be sent to the hackers address.

You can protect yourself by clicking the monitor button which is on the left hand side of the Receive Bitcoins menu and confirming the address on the hardware wallet’s display every time you generate a new receiving address ,by doing this users can ensure that the new  address has not been compromised.





Bitroad was launched almost 3 years ago, we started this project as a way to merge decentralized logistics and bitcoin payments. In this three years we have served customers in 45 countries and given several people the opportunity to buy products that were almost inpossible to buy before.

Our goal is now to allow merchants of all sizes to join our platform and sell globally while we take care of payments and logistics. We are starting this program with a few clients that accept bitcoin locally and are the first partners included in our program.

If you are looking to buy for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin you need fast delivery and customer service you are in the right place, pick your item from our catalog and enjoy your trip on the BitRoad.

Coinbase suspends trading

Coinbase has suspended trading after a huge fall in the Bitcoin price. Traders who use Coinbase were met with a notice on their accounts that buys and sells will be intermittently offline during the day. This comes after another message saying that all trading was suspended due to high traffic.  The spokesperson for the website said there was nothing else to add and to keep an eye on the website for further updates. When we logged in today the message was “Partially  degraded service. Wire deposits and withdrawals may be delayed for up to five business day Rejected and reverse wires will now be processed with 48 business hours We apologize for any inconvenience caused”


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