Dogecoin is now worth more than 1 Billion dollars

Dogecoin which was originally set up as a joke and features the famous Japanese shiba inu dog internet meme has now got a market cap of more than 1.1 billion dollars.

In December  the virtual coin rose more than 400 percent and briefly topped $0.0107.This is one example of an alt coin which was never thought to gain much value but has surprised the crypto community. Bitcoin is now becoming to expensive to buy as an investment for most people so investors are looking towards alt coins like Dogecoin. This is an alt coin to keep an eys on .




Bitroad was launched almost 3 years ago, we started this project as a way to merge decentralized logistics and bitcoin payments. In this three years we have served customers in 45 countries and given several people the opportunity to buy products that were almost inpossible to buy before.

Our goal is now to allow merchants of all sizes to join our platform and sell globally while we take care of payments and logistics. We are starting this program with a few clients that accept bitcoin locally and are the first partners included in our program.

If you are looking to buy for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin you need fast delivery and customer service you are in the right place, pick your item from our catalog and enjoy your trip on the BitRoad.

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